Why less is more

Why less is more

Technology has taken us to some pretty darn crazy places… From finding water on Mars to Kim K’s cleavage, today’s technology is taking people anywhere they want to go. However, whilst technology may be incredibly good at getting you what you want and where you want to be, it is probably also getting in the way of a good night’s sleep.

Many people apply the wisdom of ‘no TV in the bedroom’, but fewer have managed to keep laptops and phones from joining them under the covers.

Switching off technology is the first step to switching off to fall asleep.

Screen time before bed upsets the brain’s sleep-wake cycle. As you look into a bright light your brain delays the release of melatonin as it is ‘tricked’ into thinking that it is still daytime. Screen time can also upset your ability to switch off your stress response. Often a simple swipe to see some pretty Instagram posts can turn into a sweat session as you suddenly become aware of pressing work emails or your crush’s latest escapades (that didn’t include you!).

Take back the night and get the sleep you need:
1. Turn off all devices 30 minutes before you start your bedtime routine.
2. Use ‘nanny’ apps to help you stay away from stressful places- like your mailbox or Internet banking during certain hours ie. after 8pm.
3. Find a healthier alternative – light some candles, grab a book, do a crossword, take a warm bath, focus on the things you are grateful for…

and enjoy the life-boosting benefits of a great night’s sleep.

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