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What Is a Mattress Protector?

What Is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is an item of removable bedding that sits on top of, or in cases a mattress to protect it. Some mattress protectors also provide protection to the person sleeping on the mattress from dust mites, bed bugs and mould.

The surface of a mattress can normally be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. It is very difficult to remove stains from a mattress, and an unprotected mattress can become stained very quickly.

Waterproof mattress protectors keep the mattress clean by securing it from absorbing body excretions, such as sweat. The use of a mattress protector is recommended to people who have allergies.

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Benefits of Using a Mattress Protector

If you want to save money from buying a new mattress continuously, a mattress protector will definitely save money. Most mattress protectors cover your mattress. Fitted sheets don’t cover the entire mattress, but it does protect it against most accidental spills.

A mattress protector is easy to wash and it keeps your mattress clean. Any spills from kids like juice, will be washed out easily.

Mattress protectors keep your mattress more hygienic. While we sleep we all sweat, all this can be absorbed by your mattress, but a protector will prevent this.

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on dead skin cells absorbed by your mattress. In this case a mattress protector will reduce allergies.

Most mattress warranties will be void if there are any kind of stains. Protect your warranty.

Disadvantages of a mattress protector

A breathable mattress protector is recommended, as they can get very hot at night.

When you sleep, you don’t really want any sound when moving around in your bed. The waterproofing material could cause noise.

Fitted mattress protectors can shift and move under a fitted sheet, and this causing discomfort while sleeping.

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