If you want to relax on holiday, you may need a digital detox

If you want to relax on holiday, you may need a digital detox

Nobody wants to come home from holiday feeling more tired than when they left. Good intentions may not be enough to allow you a chance to switch off. If you want to get the most R&R from your time off, you made need to make a tough call and go on a digital detox this holiday.

  1. Set up an automatic response to all incoming emails.

It takes a lot of effort to get away and be on holiday so don’t be tempted to take your work along with you. Give a reasonable date upon return that you intend to respond to any queries. Avoid giving out your mobile number on this message – instead leave the contact details of someone else who is being paid to be at the office. Empower them to handle most matters on your behalf.

  1. Interact with people on holiday, not with people on social media platforms.

If you want to take photographs then pack a camera or at least set your mobile phone to airplane mode while you rest and explore. This helps you avoid a constant barrage from social media and helps prevent you from feeling the urgency to post holiday pics while on holiday. Instead of being in a constant state of partial distraction choose to be present and soak up the smells and sights and tastes of your destination. Pictures can be edited and posted on your return home.

  1. Avoid television screens in the evenings.

Remember, all your favourite TV series and movies will still be available when you get back to your real life so choose rather to watch the sunset or the ocean or the first star in the sky. Go and see things you don’t usually get a chance to or may not usually have the time to. Stare at a bonfire, slow cook a potjie or enjoy making home-made ice-cream with a loved one.

Go slowly and enjoy your holiday while it lasts.