Puffy versus pretty- life hacks that help you wake up looking your best

Puffy versus pretty- life hacks that help you wake up looking your best

Nobody wants to wake up with puffy eyes. Whether you have or haven’t managed to get a good night sleep, most people can’t afford to live their life looking tired. Having puffy eyes is more than skin deep. It is a reflection of an imbalance in your body and lifestyle.

Puffy eyes can be linked to iron deficiency, thyroid problems and kidney dysfunction. A visit to your doctor should be done to rule these out if your puffy eyes are an everyday phenomenon.

However, for relief of the occasional untimely puffiness that could be due to pollution, allergies or eyestrain, here are some easy life hacks that take puffy to pretty in a few minutes.

Hacks to help you wake up looking your best

Place cucumber slices on your eyes

Why does this work? Cucumber is cool and full of vitamin C. Both help to reduce redness and inflammation.

Give chilled strawberry slices a try

No cucumber in the fridge? Strawberries contain alpha hydroxy acids that soften skin and relieve swelling and can be a nice alternative to the classic cucumber trick.

Save your tea bags

Apply cold, moist tea bags to both your eyelids. Green tea packs an extra punch as it houses anti-oxidants. This is why green tea features so strongly in many beauty and anti-ageing products on the shelves today.

Go dark

Wearing sunglasses during the day and an eye mask at night will literally shield your eyes from bright light, dust and wind. If your partner reports that your lids don’t fully close when you sleep then an eye mask is a must to prevent dry, irritated and puffy eyes in the morning.

Drink water

Staying hydrated can prevent water retention. Puffy eyes can be a sign that your body is holding onto water as it is in short supply. So drink up through the day and you should notice less puffiness and more bounce in your skin.

Sleep on a new Sealy today, wake up more refreshed and more beautiful tomorrow.