US schools introduce SleepPods: Time-out for teens?

US schools introduce SleepPods: Time-out for teens?

Teens can be stroppy, defiant and emotional. Much like their smaller counterparts, toddlers, they can throw a pretty good tantrum, but with a whole lot more strength behind it. These ‘negative’ behaviours can be attributed to the high-energy, high-sleep needs of their developing brains and bodies. Whilst teens may need more shut-eye (up to 13 hours per day at peak growth times!) they may not be able to find the sleep that they need in their schedules.

Rather than pushing over-tired teens to participate or sending them home to sleep (both options will not lead to learning), two schools in the USA have used Mental Health funding to install Sleep Pods by MetroNaps.

Sleep pods are being used to help teenagers who:
• Did not get a enough sleep
• Show signs of fatigue such as headaches, irritability and aggression
• Are anxious about their school marks
• Are not able to focus in class

Even teachers who battle with high blood pressure are finding the time in the sleep pod a great ‘time out’.

How does a sleep pod work?

This sleep pod consists of a reclining chair with a ‘dome’ cover. The participant lies back in the chair and enjoys a 20-minute power nap while the dome provides a quiet, dark environment. After 20 minutes, the teen re-joins the class rejuvenated and refuelled. Read more here: Sleep pods – Basically the best invention for teens 

SA schools might not be installing sleep pods just yet, but you can help ensure your teen has a good sleep each night (and whenever he or she is napping) by investing in a good quality mattress. Click here for additional tips on how to help your teen get a good night’s sleep.