How to turn your bedroom into a sleep cave

How to turn your bedroom into a sleep cave

It is not hard to imagine why our ancestors preferred caves for sleeping – protection from the elements, darkness, temperature control and peace and quiet provided a great night’s sleep. Why not convert your bedroom into a sleep cave to ensure you don’t miss out on any precious sleep?

Protection from the elements – your bedroom may need to be ‘reinforced’ before it can become your sleep cave. Double-glazing, shutters, solid doors and window frames can make a huge difference in keeping out noise, heat, insects and dust that can otherwise intrude on your sleep. Cheaper option? Grab a pair of earplugs or play some soothing tunes if you live in a particularly noisy place.

Darkness – To help create true darkness you will need to invest in some heavy-duty blinds or block-out curtains. You will also need to turn off as many lights and devices as you can to enjoy the sleep-inducing effect that total darkness brings. Cheaper option? Grab an eye mask.

Temperature control – If you get too hot or too cold while you are sleeping, your body will wake you up and ask you to sort something out. An air-conditioner will make temperature control a breeze as will good quality pyjamas and bedding. An air-conditioner allows you to warm up or cool down the room temperature as required and ensures that air circulates. Quality fabrics will allow your skin to breath and prevent sweating. Consider investing in 100% cotton or bamboo products that are breathable and won’t cause overheating. Avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester that make temperature regulation tricky.

Peace and quiet – Our ancestors retired to their caves after a day of activity – foraging, hunting, feasting, dancing and story-telling. Find your balance between activity and rest so that you can sleep soundly all night through.

Making your sleep cave into a safe and happy place will help you get the sleep you deserve.