Time to Enjoy the sumptuousness of the Perfect Mattress

Time to Enjoy the sumptuousness of the Perfect Mattress

Sealy’s quality Beds are produced with care with only the best materials to provide you with a luxurious night’s sleep. Choose from our range of mattresses to suit your correct firmness and body’s natural curve.

Back sleepers should go for the firm or medium-firm mattress whilst if you sleep on your front a firmer mattress will suit you.  The correct support, comfort and pressure will ensure a sound sleep so you don’t wake up tired or aching.  Our mattresses are designed to help you to relax and recover at the end of each day.

Choose from our Wide Range of Cozy Mattresses

We manufacture mattresses to suit everybody.  The absolute luxury of  Essensual with its sumptuous feel for a gorgeous night’s sleep.  It looks and feels refined and luxurious.  Our Crown Jewel collection is sophisticated and elegant made from the best lavish materials and is the height of perfection in luxury.  The Hybrid Collection offers the best of both worlds with the top half featuring a Coolsmart Memory foam or the Dual-Flex Hybrid Foam layer with a pressure reducing properties and the bottom half providing pocket spring support to reduce motion transfer.  The Sealy Posturepedic range has a patented spring system with luxury layers to ensure healthy, restful sleep and providing the perfect balance for back support. We also provide cot mattresses with Aloe Vera fabric for anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial protection for your baby’s comfort. 

Don’t forget the Accessories for Extra Comfort

Have a look at our accessories of pillows, mattress and pillow protectors, sheets and cot and baby mattresses.  Our cool smart 2 in 1 gel pillow reduces heat build-up so you have no more heated head nights with its naturally cooling sleep cover.  We advise a mattress protector with an elasticized stretch skirt to protect and prolong your new mattress’s life and keeping it clean and hygienic. 

We invite you to visit one of our Sealy Posturepedic showrooms for advice on your best options.