Three gentle ways to deal with kids’ bedtime anxiety

Three gentle ways to deal with kids’ bedtime anxiety

A lot of kids don’t like going to sleep. They get scared. They feel worried and they imagine all kinds of scary things. If your child is trying everything to delay bedtime, here are three ways to help them deal with their bedtime anxiety:

Happy thoughts
It is incredible how powerful words are. Help your child battle worries with positive affirmations or prayers. They can ‘throw’ the bad thoughts away and then pick some new prettier/stronger ones. Phrases like ‘I can go to sleep’; ‘my family loves me’ or ‘I am safe now’ can help little hearts and minds settle down.

Fantasy play
Children have the most phenomenal imaginations and what better way to fight these fears than with fantasy itself? Give your child a ‘magic torch light’ or a ‘bottle of ‘Monster spray’ to keep with them… just in case.

Comfort toys/pets
A special blankie, teddy or real-life furry friend can make falling asleep in your own bed much easier. When it comes to dogs, cats and bunnies sleeping in your child’s bed, do what works for your family. Oh, and let your child use these strategies as long as they need to… there is no rush to grow up after all.

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