What tech taught us about sleep in 2016

What tech taught us about sleep in 2016

We have all been taught that screen time in our bedrooms and just before bedtime is a no-no. And yes, it is certainly must be avoided. However, as the field of technology has exploded and it has made its way onto our smart phones (and even our wrist watches) we have learned a lot about sleep.

1. Our bedrooms became sleep laboratories. Sleep monitoring has been simplified as each person can find out more about their sleep duration and sleep quality using apps like the Azumio Sleep Time App. The average person can find out if they are sleeping well enough and see if they are accruing a sleep debt.

2. Early diagnosis and intervention became the norm. Prior to the influence of tech, a patient would approach a doctor with a complaint such as ‘I take forever to fall asleep’ or ‘I just keep waking up’, but had little or no data to give the doctor. With sleep apps producing detailed sleep graphs (that look at quantity and quality) patients can get a quicker diagnosis and start treatment sooner. It also makes tracking progress due to lifestyle changes or medical intervention far easier.

3. Sleep alarms have saved the day. Alarms can now be set on smart phones to wake you up when you are in a light state of sleep. Using a wrist watch or arm cuff paired with your smart phone can assist in monitoring blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen-levels for those who struggle with sleep disorders like sleep apnea. This can provide tremendous relief for loved ones who worry.

4. Smart phones have transformed into baby monitors. Parents can install baby monitor apps like Cloud Baby Monitor and Dormi to their smart phones so that they can view a real-time video and audio recording of their sleeping baby as well as keep track of a baby’s sleep patterns. Many parents find this option far more convenient, safe and affordable and of course, incredibly reassuring. Of course, it requires access to wi-fi.

What tech are you using to sleep better? Or is there a sleep app that you would just-love-to create? Personally, I wouldn’t mind one that sends a little jolt each time my ‘special someone’ snores.

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