Could light-emitting glasses help you reach peak performance?

The latest in sleep technology weighs only 75 grams and is fully transportable and rechargable. The Re-Timer glasses emit a blue-green light that is reported to fight fatigue.

The glasses were designed in Australia and have been introduced to the world by Sports Scientist, Dr Craig Duncan . The aim of the light therapy technology is to suppress the production of sleep-inducing melatonin — the hormone that gets us ready for sleep.

The benefits of the glasses sound rather fantastic-

  1. they allow you to control the time that you feel tired
  2. they assist you to fall asleep faster and promote peak performace when you wake up
  3. they allow you to align your body rhythm to whatever time zone you may find yourself working or playing in.

Indeed, they sound just like the a magic sleep wand! Do you feel tempted to give them a try?

50 years of Sealy sleep: Some things change, some stay the same

Our Sealy story begins in 1881, in Sealy, Texas, when Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, made cotton-filled mattresses for a few of his friends. Fifteen years later, Haynes sold his patents to a Texas company that retained the Sealy handle. Soon after, ad exec Earl Edwards penned the slogan “Sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud.” And with that, Sealy mattresses became a US phenomenon.
In 1967, the first Sealy Posturepedic mattress was produced at a factory in South Africa and the Sealy Posturepedic was first aired on television. It wasn’t long before our people loved the ingenuity of the Sealy Posturepedic mattress too and Sealy became the number one mattress choice.

In celebration of our 50th Birthday, we take a look back and discover how things have changed and how things have stayed the same.

What’s changed since 1967?

Over the last 50 years, there has been extensive interest in sleep. Sleep research, sleep medicine and sleep technology have unlocked many sleep mysteries and aided in the development of even better materials and mattresses.

Look at this ad from around 1989… R459 for a bed! The good old days!

Join us on our journey of sleep.
Join us on our journey of sleep.

On our birthday, it is with great joy that we recall some of our greatest milestones:

• Creating the Sealy Posturepedic – the first mattress of its kind that provided not just comfort but also postural support.
• Registering patents for a variety of groundbreaking technologies – including PostureTech Coil with Sense & Respond Arm; Pressure Relief Inlays and healthy fabrics, designed to relieve pressure points.
• Reinventing the innerspring coil to give tailored support and pressure relief.
• Introducing the use of latex and Gel memory foam into our mattresses to improve sleep quality.
• Producing Sealy mattresses at multiple facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town and KwaZulu Natal.
• Being the first mattress company to offer a range of comforts – Firm, Medium, Plush and Extra Length.
• Creating an Orthopedic Advisory Board in the USA – a group of the finest doctors, clinicians and orthopedic surgeons who play a critical role in the design process.
• Creating the Pressure Mapping Lab Center of Excellence in the USA, a first-of-its-kind facility where all Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are scientifically tested to ensure that they provide maximum comfort by eliminating the uncomfortable pressure points that cause tossing and turning.
• Launching Do-Not-Turn mattresses to the consumer, a one-sided mattress.
• Commissioning the first large-scale consumer research study in the South African bedding industry.

In 2017, after all these new developments, has anything at Sealy South Africa stayed the same?

At Sealy, we still have a very simple mission: to help the world sleep better

• We continue to produce high-quality mattresses at affordable prices- even our budget-priced mattresses have quality features and materials to ensure durability.
• All our products are manufactured to the ISO.9001/2 quality system, ensuring every mattress leaves our facility quality controlled.
• Did you know that the Sealy Posturepedic is still the only mattress brand in the industry that has pressure-relieving standards for every mattress produced?
• Our family of mattress brands can be found in homes like yours, hotels and luxury resorts worldwide, and even the White House, making Sealy the no.1 consumer choice in South Africa.
• Sealy is also a leading supplier to the hospitality industry in South Africa and can be found in some of the finest establishments.
• We are proud that our consumers are loyal and have made Sealy and its brands the most popular in the world.
• Through its design, manufacturing and leadership, Sealy will always have an undying dedication to helping the world sleep better.

And so at 50-years young, we at Sealy South Africa are poised to continue in this legacy for many years to come.

Stand a chance to win 1 of 5 prizes of R50,000 cash, enter into the Sealy 50th Birthday Bash before end September 2017! Click here for more information.

Written by Roxanne Atkinson


Net Nanny App helps families switch off and go to bed

Getting enough sleep and spending quality time together are two of the key ingredients for a happy family life. Screen time can rob us of both.

We have become reliant on using technology at home to complete homework, check budgets, pay bills, fulfill work obligations and even socialise. Many people battle addictions linked to screen time – social media anxiety, gaming, gambling and pornography – that left unchecked can destroy marriages and families.

It’s no wonder then that The Net Nanny App has won endless Tech Awards for its effectiveness in helping individuals and families manage screen time effectively. The Net Nanny app suggests that you draw up a screen time agreement first and then use its features to help you all stick to this agreement. The Net Nanny app can help parents to:

• Create a screen-time schedule for each family member for each day of the week
• Limit access to time-wasting websites during ‘productive times’ such as when homework or paid work should be happening
• Block out dedicated off-screen time for the whole family to enjoy time offline together such as during dinnertime
• Receive notifications if your child or spouse attempts to view blocked sites or searches for mature content
• Keep track of each family members’ total time online each day or week
• Create a consistent bedtime by cutting off all online access at a certain time each evening

If you already own the ultimate Sealy bed and mattress, but find that screen time is stealing your sleep and robbing you of time with loved ones, then perhaps the Net Nanny App is the next best sleep investment you can buy for you and your loved ones.

Article Written by Roxanne Atkinson

Why less is more

Technology has taken us to some pretty darn crazy places… From finding water on Mars to Kim K’s cleavage, today’s technology is taking people anywhere they want to go. However, whilst technology may be incredibly good at getting you what you want and where you want to be, it is probably also getting in the way of a good night’s sleep.

Many people apply the wisdom of ‘no TV in the bedroom’, but fewer have managed to keep laptops and phones from joining them under the covers.

Switching off technology is the first step to switching off to fall asleep.

Screen time before bed upsets the brain’s sleep-wake cycle. As you look into a bright light your brain delays the release of melatonin as it is ‘tricked’ into thinking that it is still daytime. Screen time can also upset your ability to switch off your stress response. Often a simple swipe to see some pretty Instagram posts can turn into a sweat session as you suddenly become aware of pressing work emails or your crush’s latest escapades (that didn’t include you!).

Take back the night and get the sleep you need:
1. Turn off all devices 30 minutes before you start your bedtime routine.
2. Use ‘nanny’ apps to help you stay away from stressful places- like your mailbox or Internet banking during certain hours ie. after 8pm.
3. Find a healthier alternative – light some candles, grab a book, do a crossword, take a warm bath, focus on the things you are grateful for…

and enjoy the life-boosting benefits of a great night’s sleep.

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