Beat Your Alarm Clock

With sleep trending and a good night’s sleep being the hallmark of a good life, it is no wonder that the ultimate sleep goal has become waking up when your body wants to, not when your body has to. Yes, waking up before your alarm wakes you is an actual #sleepgoal.

As an alarm-clock detester it is pleasing to note that our bodies hate alarm clocks as much as our minds do. Our bodies and minds find any sudden waking stressful and jarring. Interestingly, to avoid this traumatic experience our brains prepare for waking based on two things-

  1. Predictability- our routine shapes our circadian rhythm
  2. Expectations- what time we plan to wake up

So if you are not waking up before your alarm clock here is your go-to-action plan:

  • Schedule a predictable sleep-wake routine– go to bed at the same time during the week and on weekends. Easier said than done but sleeping from 11pm until 6.30am every day could give you the stable 7,5 hours you need.
  • Plan to wake at the end of a sleep cycle –Every 90 minutes adults come back to light sleep. It is easier to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle than in the middle of one. So if you need more than 7,5 hours, you will have to schedule in 9 hours sleep. So you sleep schedule would be from 9.30pm – 6.30am.
  • Get enough sleep– If you need 9 hours of sleep, then that is what your body needs. You will only be robbing yourself if you schedule in 6hours or 7,5 hours. Those who are young, active and perform work that requires mental agility will need more sleep. It is what it is.
  • Until you start waking up before your alarm set one alarm and avoid hitting snooze- Haziness. Grumpiness. This is what follows multiple snoozes. Your brain and body need to either be asleep or be awake- moving back and forward between the two states only creates brain fog. Place your alarm as far away from your bed as possible to give yourself more chance of making a good judgement call.

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Katy Perry knows a thing or two about napping

Google “Katy Perry napping” and you will find a bunch of articles, including pictures of her napping in a hammock, catching a few zzzzs with her cat Kitty Purry, and most recently, dressed in her PJs and fully prepared for a nap for the flight to the One Love Manchester Concert.

Katy P is a dedicated napper… along with many other ‘healthy stars’ such as Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Without sounding too stalkerish, click here to see a few of your favourite celebs catching a snooze.

We at Sealy think they’re on to something. You will get so many benefits from a quick nap – it isn’t just your face that will thank you.

Sleep makes you:
•  More productive and less distracted
•  More likable and less hostile to others
•  More intelligent and less forgetful
•  More healthy and less likely to catch a cold

One of the five habits of highly successful people is prioritising sleep both at night and during the day when a nap is required. If it was good enough for Napoleon, John F Kennedy and Churchill perhaps you should consider it part of your workday?

Keen to try some napping? Work out what is the best time for you to get some power Zzzzzzs here: What’s the best time of day to nap?

If you’re serious about napping at work, maybe it’s time to get a single bed for your office? Visit the Sealy website to view our range to find the best bed for your daytime slumber. If that’s too extreme, this article highlights a few products designed specifically to help you with your day-time snooze: How to sleep at work.

How to sleep at work… without getting caught

There are many ways of grabbing a power nap on the sly… there is the traditional falling-asleep-at-your-desk move, the wearing-sunglasses-because it-is-so-bright-in-this-conference-room move and the fake-toilet-break move.

However, recent research reveals that taking an hour-long nap in the afternoon improves memory and thinking – so if you can get your boss sold on the idea, we have identified a few products that will take your afternoon snooze to the next level. These provide warmth, darkness and neck support, allowing you to take your nap time under your desk, into your parked vehicle, onto a quiet garden bench or even behind that large sofa in the staff lounge if you have to!

Which of these great sleep products would you choose to make sure you get the power nap you need pronto?

The ostrich pillow

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The Hooded Travel Pillow

Great for travelling or catching a nap just about anywhere… click here to find out more about the Sleep Hoodie.
The Versatile Sleeping Bag Suit

Is it a sleeping bag or is it a sleeping suit? We don’t know, but we LOVE it… click here to find out more.

None of these sleep products will come close to a good night’s sleep on a Sealy mattress, but at least it’s better than the bathroom floor, right?

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