Beat Your Alarm Clock

With sleep trending and a good night’s sleep being the hallmark of a good life, it is no wonder that the ultimate sleep goal has become waking up when your body wants to, not when your body has to. Yes, waking up before your alarm wakes you is an actual #sleepgoal.

As an alarm-clock detester it is pleasing to note that our bodies hate alarm clocks as much as our minds do. Our bodies and minds find any sudden waking stressful and jarring. Interestingly, to avoid this traumatic experience our brains prepare for waking based on two things-

  1. Predictability- our routine shapes our circadian rhythm
  2. Expectations- what time we plan to wake up

So if you are not waking up before your alarm clock here is your go-to-action plan:

  • Schedule a predictable sleep-wake routine– go to bed at the same time during the week and on weekends. Easier said than done but sleeping from 11pm until 6.30am every day could give you the stable 7,5 hours you need.
  • Plan to wake at the end of a sleep cycle –Every 90 minutes adults come back to light sleep. It is easier to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle than in the middle of one. So if you need more than 7,5 hours, you will have to schedule in 9 hours sleep. So you sleep schedule would be from 9.30pm – 6.30am.
  • Get enough sleep– If you need 9 hours of sleep, then that is what your body needs. You will only be robbing yourself if you schedule in 6hours or 7,5 hours. Those who are young, active and perform work that requires mental agility will need more sleep. It is what it is.
  • Until you start waking up before your alarm set one alarm and avoid hitting snooze- Haziness. Grumpiness. This is what follows multiple snoozes. Your brain and body need to either be asleep or be awake- moving back and forward between the two states only creates brain fog. Place your alarm as far away from your bed as possible to give yourself more chance of making a good judgement call.

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