Net Nanny App helps families switch off and go to bed

Getting enough sleep and spending quality time together are two of the key ingredients for a happy family life. Screen time can rob us of both.

We have become reliant on using technology at home to complete homework, check budgets, pay bills, fulfill work obligations and even socialise. Many people battle addictions linked to screen time – social media anxiety, gaming, gambling and pornography – that left unchecked can destroy marriages and families.

It’s no wonder then that The Net Nanny App has won endless Tech Awards for its effectiveness in helping individuals and families manage screen time effectively. The Net Nanny app suggests that you draw up a screen time agreement first and then use its features to help you all stick to this agreement. The Net Nanny app can help parents to:

• Create a screen-time schedule for each family member for each day of the week
• Limit access to time-wasting websites during ‘productive times’ such as when homework or paid work should be happening
• Block out dedicated off-screen time for the whole family to enjoy time offline together such as during dinnertime
• Receive notifications if your child or spouse attempts to view blocked sites or searches for mature content
• Keep track of each family members’ total time online each day or week
• Create a consistent bedtime by cutting off all online access at a certain time each evening

If you already own the ultimate Sealy bed and mattress, but find that screen time is stealing your sleep and robbing you of time with loved ones, then perhaps the Net Nanny App is the next best sleep investment you can buy for you and your loved ones.

Article Written by Roxanne Atkinson