10 signs that you’re sleep deprived

These are the sneaky signs that you’re sleep deprived… and need a nap immediately!

1. You can’t remember your ATM password… or your best friend’s birthday.
2. You’re clumsy and find yourself getting into fights with the floor, walls, etc.
3. Your car is never where you parked it after buying groceries.
4. The bags under your eyes have packed their own bags.
5. Family friends keep mistaking you for your Aunt Zuki (who is way older and sadder than you are).
6. You fell asleep on your laptop and your drool caused water damage.
7. You’re always hungry and you’re eating carbs as if the Banting Revolution was never a thing.
8. Your immune system is even weaker than your willpower.
9. You pour your coffee into your cereal bowl – most mornings – and it doesn’t help.
10. Your emotions are all over the place and you ugly cry all. the. time.

Sleep is life-giving. It impacts every cell in our bodies, from our brains to our bellies. Live your best life and get yourself the best kind of sleep on a Sealy mattress.

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