South Africans are not good at sleeping!

The results are in from the world’s biggest Sleep Census, and for the first time ever we have information specifically about South Africans. 11 381 people from five countries participated in the Sealy Sleep Census, with South Africans making up 24% of the responses.

Sadly, the numbers show that South Africans are not sleeping well at all:
• 81% struggle to get to sleep
• 30% of South Africans take over 30 minutes to fall asleep
• 84% struggle to stay asleep
• 25% suffer from insomnia at least 3 nights a week!

What is even more worrying is that only 1 in 5 of us get a full 8 hours of sleep each night! That means 80% of our population is sleep deprived and explains why 85% of South Africans feel their personal life could benefit from a better nights sleep.

What appears to be getting in the way?

Screen time is the main offender
– 54% have partners who take a tablet/phone to bed and
– 46% watch TV in bed

Find out how to avoid screen time in this blog: ‘Why Less is more’

Snoring is another concern
– 60% of South Africans report snoring frequently or some of the time.
– This would disrupt their sleep as well as their partner’s sleep.

What can you do to get a better night’s sleep?

– Make your bedroom a screen-free zone
– Ensure your mattress provides the support that you need
– Try to establish a regular bedtime and wake schedule

To get started, learn how to create the ideal sleep environment and when that’s done, try to catch up on lost sleep! Of course, if it’s time to buy a new bed, use our handy mattress comparison tool to help you decide which bed is best for you!

Click here to see the full Sealy Sleep Census infographic.