Explore these three sleep apps

Here are the latest and greatest sleep apps that you just can’t sleep without.

1. Sleep Calculator – Ever wondered: “If I want to wake up at 5.00am what time should I go to bed?” or “If I go to bed now, what time should I wake up?” well the Sleep Calculator app gives you the answers to these questions. This app provides a ‘go to bed’ alarm and a ‘wake-up alarm’ so that you can get the right amount sleep everyday.

2. Calm – An app that offers guided mindfulness meditation to bring more clarity, joy, and peace of mind into your life, at work or at home. Highly praised by celebs and TV personalities, you may want to give this one a try just before bedtime.

3. Sleep Cycle Power Nap – This app is simple, yet powerful. Place your phone on your nightstand before you doze off and the app analyses your sleep patterns to wake you up before you get into deep sleep. This helps you wake up softly and avoid sleep inertia. You feel ready to go rather than ready to crawl back into bed.

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