How To Arrive Safely At Your Holiday Destination

Here’s how to arrive safely at your holiday destination

December is here and so is the annual migration to our bountiful coastline. As you wrap up your year, here are the top 10 tips you will need to follow to arrive safe and sound at your holiday destination:

  1. Get your vehicle serviced– Your car, trailor and tyres need to be checked and any faulty components need to be replaced. Do a test drive to ensure that the lights, hooter and alarm system are in working order before you pay the mechanic.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your departure– Ensure you sleep for 7,5-9 hours the night before you travel. Prepare well in advance to avoid packing a trailor until the early hours of the morning. Avoid leaving between 1am and 4am when your body is the most prone to falling asleep.
  3. Stock your car with snacks and drinks – get yourself some Coca-Cola; hot coffee; a bag of sour sweets; and one pack of strong menthol chewing gum in case fatigue strikes. Easy-access padkos such as biltong, chips, mini-chocolates, yogurt-covered dates, nuts and raisins will also keep you going until your next stop.
  4. Wear your safety belt at all times – even though it can be a literal pain in the neck, keep your belt on from point A to point B.
  5. Children under 7 years old must be strapped into a car seat– the device needs to be age, weight and height appropriate to protect your little ones in a collision.
  6. Turn on your lights – Give yourself the best chance of seeing being seen by turning on your lights even in the daylight.
  7. Take a break every two hours – stretch your legs, take in some fresh air and change drivers if possible.
  8. Use a travel app to assist you – download an app that uses GPS pinpoint technology to keep loved ones informed of your real-time progress.
  9. Stay at the speed limit – you may need to drive even slower at night or in difficult weather conditions.
  10. Avoid using your mobile phone – if you need to make or take an urgent call rather pull over at a safe stop. We’ve got road trips covered!

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