How a warm bath brings on sleep

A warm bath before bedtime is part of most childhood bedtime routines and can bring about better sleep. What is it about a dip in warm water that gets kids (and adults) to fall asleep easier?

Warm water causes relaxation of body and mind
Warm water helps your body relax- it loosens stiff muscles, soothes aches and pains and even slows your heart rate as the warm water causes all your veins and arteries to softens and widen. Lying down in the bath lowers your blood pressure as gravity is eliminated. This means slower, deeper breaths that take oxygen-rich blood to your heart and brain.

Warm water causes a state of rest and digest
In the bath, your body and mind are in a state of rest and digest. This is the same state that your body is in during deep sleep. Lather yourself with bath salts and essential oil and turn your bath time into a truly calming ritual.

Moving from a warm bath into a warm bed is a far easier transition to make than crashing into bed after being in a stressful, stimulating environment.

Save water when you bath

Showering uses far less water than a bath, but if you can’t give up your bathtime, there are still ways to save water – which is so important given South Africa’s current water crisis. Here are some tips:

  • Only fill your bath a quarter of the way
  • Let other people in your family bath in the same bath water
  • Recycle the water. Instead of sending the precious water down the drain, scoop up the water with a bucket and use it to water your thirsty plants. If you’re really serious about recycling your bath water, Builder’s Warehouse has a step-by-step guide on how to harvest grey water for your garden.

Here’s to many warm baths and even better nights.


Grab a shower first thing in the morning

A cold shower is a powerful wake up call. If you battle to get your game on in the morning, then why not take a cold shower first thing after waking?

Cold water wakes you up and gets your respiratory and circulatory systems firing. Think quick, short breaths accompanied by a heart pounding in your chest. If it usually takes you a good hour to feel fully alert then some cold blasts of water could help banish that mental sluggishness.

Besides waking you up, a cold shower can improve your immune system function, tighten your skin and reduce puffy, dark circles under your eyes.
Rinsing your hair with cold water will assist hair growth and seal the hair cuticles, leaving it shinier than when rising with warm water.

Speed up your metabolism and make the most of your day with a power shower first thing in the morning.

Another excellent reason for South Africans to shower (rather than bath)? A bath uses an average of 160 litres, while a five-minute shower uses only 60 litres of water. A low-flow shower head will use even less water. Given South Africa’s current drought and water crisis, jumping from your Sealy to your shower first thing every morning (or even every second morning), is the best way to start your day!