Sheepskin rugs transform bedrooms into boudoirs

You don’t have to look far to find luscious sheepskin rugs. They’re gracing the bottoms of beds, lingering on lounge suites and warming the cribs of newborns.

Whether they remain in their natural wooly-white, ivory form or are dyed to match the décor, it is no wonder that this textile (that was previously set aside to manufacture luxury slippers) has crossed over into mainstream décor.

Of course there are many faux options available, but before you buy the look for less, consider the sleep-promoting properties of sheepskin:

1. Warmth – sheepskin’s depth locks in heat
2. Softness – sheepskin retains its incredible plushness wash after wash
3. Breathability – like all natural fibres, sheepskin allows air flow. This keeps moisture and odour levels low, low, low…

Besides adding to your sleep satisfaction, a sheepskin rug will also be a distinct asset to your décor arsenal. If you are planning on adding a rug or two to your home, look for a rug with a deep pile (which adds comfort) and a lovely sheen (which adds depth and visual interest).

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