Moon Milk – The New Bedtime Drink

Many cultures serve an ‘aperatif’ after dinner to prepare the digestive system for sleep.

It is common for children across the world to be given sweet, warm milk before bed to help them calm and fall asleep more easily.

But now there is a sleep drink designed for adults that is getting much praise in wellness circles. It is called Moon Milk and it forms part of the practice and philosophy of mindfulness.

It is a bedtime ritual that marks the end of the day.

Moon milk is

An Indian concoction of warmed nut milk with a mix of medicinal herbs and spices such as reishi mushroom, holy basil, cardamom and cinnamon.

A dash of local honey gives it a slight sweetness.

Whilst many may be making a large noise about this trend, it is really nothing new and nothing to be afraid of.

Choose your favourite milk (almond, goat, cow, rice or soya) and add the spices and herbs that either energise or calm you.

What is new is a new idea of us is that by using these ingredients you are balancing hormones and bringing adaptogens into your system. Adaptogens are preventative medicine- a thoughtful boost to help your the body prepare for particularly trying times. Think moving house, weddings, funerals, child birth and tax season.

Do you have a traditional family recipe that you follow to create the ultimate Moon Milk concoction? Do share in the comments section below.

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Should you eat that midnight snack?


Regular waking during sleep can signal low blood sugar. Grabbing a midnight snack can restore low blood sugar levels, cause a spike in insulin that is required to fall asleep and give you something simple to do when you wake up. It is better to know what you will do if you wake up then to lie in bed fearing what to do if you wake.

Eating any of these carb, mineral and vitamin-B rich foods will help you fall asleep faster than eating no snack at all.

  1. Cherries with full cream yogurt
  2. A bowl of warm oats and honey
  3. A glass of warm full-cream milk
  4. A turkey sandwich
  5. Banana coated in peanut butter


 Regular waking can also be a sign of sleep apnea – a condition linked closely with central obesity. If you have gained weight and know that you snore when you sleep then losing some weight could help your overall sleep quality by creating more space and less pressure in your airways.

Avoid eating anything after 7pm and when you wake skip the high calorie ‘slaap kos’. Instead, have one of these low calorie options:

  1. Chamomile tea
  2. Rooibos tea with a teeny dash of skim milk
  3. A glass of water to down some magnesium

Not sure why you are waking? See your GP to get a regular health check to rule out any common sleep thieves.

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