Sleep Divorce

Sharing a bed with your partner seems so romantic until the reality sets in. Issues like snoring, blanket hogging, early morning alarms, and even just a preference for different levels of mattress comfort can quickly sap the sexiness out of sleeping together. If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep next to your loved one, the solution may be simpler than you think.

Snoring is one of the biggest reasons that couples end up sleeping apart. The National Sleep Foundation reports that 37 million American adults snore regularly. As anyone who’s dealt with a snorer knows, it can be next to impossible to get a refreshing rest with that dreaded sound. When one partner always has to leave the bed, the idea of making separate sleeping quarters official starts to make sense.

Sleeping separately is increasingly common, although it may not seem like it. After all, not many couples are eager to announce that they’ve gone through a “sleep divorce”. The National Sleep Foundation found that one in four couples sleep in separate beds. Maintaining separate rooms can actually be a key to a strong and healthy relationship. Each partner gets a restful sleep, which not only improves one’s mood but also one’s overall health.

What about intimacy?

Despite the benefits of sleeping separately, you may be concerned about how it could impact intimacy. Initially, it may seem like a sleep divorce could interrupt your sex life and leave you lonely. However, many couples find that the opposite is true.

With separate sleeping quarters, couples have to make more of an effort to spend that quality time together in the bedroom. It adds a little spice and excitement when you take the time to create an inviting environment for a romantic evening. It can be an opportunity to make the most of that time together, rather than simply crashing out at the end of a long day next to your partner.

When sleep issues that lead couples to have separate beds are eliminated, the result can be healthier, happier couples. You’ll be well rested after a night of sleep, leaving you feeling more relaxed and refreshed overall. Feeling your best can absolutely contribute to a better sex life and a better marriage.