Four bedtime mantras for better sleep

Words are powerful. Some go as far as to say they are prophetic. Could the way we choose to speak about ourselves and our lives have a dramatic impact on our lived reality? Could repeating bedtime mantras positively impact how we sleep?

It appears it can, and does, and is probably why so many cultures have enjoyed bedtime stories, lullabies, prayers and rituals for eons. What we think about before we go to sleep can keep us from falling asleep and can even feature in our dreams (hello nightmares!)

Here are some easy to remember ‘bedtime mantras’ you could be telling yourself instead if you would prefer sweeter dreams and a sweeter life.

– “I am at peace. I release all tension and worries. I am at peace.”
– “Inhale love. Exhale hate. Inhale confidence. Exhale self-doubt. Inhale beauty. Exhale ugliness.”
– “I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.”
– “I have done my best for today. I have earned my rest for tonight.”

Learn your favourite one off-by-heart and say it slowly to yourself as you are preparing to fall asleep. Don’t like any of these? Click here for more ideas: Sayings to help you get to sleep faster
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