The Hush Hat that reduces noise for your baby

All parents have been there… that moment when your baby has just nodded off and as you breath a sigh of relief there’s a ‘Ding Dong!’ or ‘Beep beep’ or ‘Woof woof’ ending in a very loud ‘Waaaaaah!’ from baby.

When babies first fall asleep, it takes around 15 minutes for them to pass through light sleep into deeper REM sleep. Any sudden noise can startle and wake them (read more about Baby Sleep Thieves here). And that could be all the sleep they get from that nap… a mere 5 or 10 minutes- not enough for baby and definitely not enough for Mama or Papa!

Enter the Hush Hat – a pretty-darn ingenious invention by an American mama. It is a sound-absorbing hat made from visco-elastic medical grade foam that is also soft and comfortable.

The Hush hat blocks all excessive, intrusive noises that register above 75 decibels. It does not block out all noise as this would be unhelpful for a baby’s long-term language development and sleep habits, but does insure that your baby gets a chance to adapt to its new noisy world.

It is said to be very comfortable and light-weight and can be worn indoors and outdoors. They come in four sizes (S,M,L and XL) to fit babies with all head shapes and sizes.

Now they need to make these for big people who also hate being in noisy shopping centres and woken up by lawn mowers and cars honking especially during a weekend nap or lie in. Where do I get mine please?

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