Why you just won’t sleep well in a new hotel room

Many will bemoan that they struggle to sleep in a new place – no matter how great the accommodation may be.

Matthew Walker, a professor of Neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley, has explained why we will always feel tired after sleeping in a new environment.

In a recent interview, Dr Walker explained how the human brain will not switch off when in a new and possibly dangerous environment– even when sleeping.

He said: “One half of your brain will not sleep as deeply as the other half” in an attempt to ensure survival. It is as if the sleeper is truly sleeping with one eye open.

He went on to explain that this is common behaviour for dolphins and other sea dwelling animals that can use half their brain for deep sleep and the other half to stay wide awake to detect danger.

Unlike these animals, us humans do not have the ability to enjoy all the sleep stages using just half our brain, and so we will not enter deep sleep. This leads to us feeling shattered the next morning.

If you are on the road, or spend lots of time away from home, try to spend more than one night at each stop that you make to ensure that you get some quality sleep before moving onto the next town.

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