Could sleeping better mean living happily ever after?

Whether you are the cause of your bad sleep (snorers and night owls raise your hands here) or your partner is the cause of your sleep deprivation (lovers of the insomniac population we feel ya’), you all need to find some good sleep right now.

Poor sleep is directly linked to poor inter-personal skills – those who wake up feeling tired and grumpy are:

  • less patient
  • less forgiving
  • more likely to suffer from bad moods
  • and will find it easier to remember negative ideas and thoughts rather than positive ones.

These changes to your thought patterns and mood will result in a low self-esteem and feelings of helplessness. This makes connecting with people very difficult indeed. This leads to further isolation.

Simply put, you are unlikely to succeed in your current and/or future relationships if you do not get good-enough sleep.

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Why all babies in Finland sleep in a box

Finland loves moms. In fact, the Finns have taken such good care of their moms that it’s no wonder they are now known as “the happiest in the world”. Happy mom, happy baby, happy family!

What makes them so happy?
• Finnish mothers access free healthcare during their pregnancy and birth (as well as thereafter)
• Finnish mothers receive two years paid maternity leave whilst their job remains secure
• Finnish mothers have the highest breastfeeding rate in the world (at 98%)
• Finnish mothers with older children have no homework to supervise
• Finnish kids go to the local neighbourhood school, which is just as good as any other, so there is no need to pay high school fees or travel far.
• Finnish kids have the highest school scores world-wide despite actually only attending school for 3 hours per day.

You would think that all this ‘parental support’ would be enough of a gift from the government but no… they are too generous to stop there.
Since 1939, mothers in Finland have also been receiving a ‘baby shower gift’ known as the Maternity Box filled with all the essentials. The box comes with mattress, clothes, cloth nappies, blankets and a picture book. With the mattress in place, the box doubles as a bed for the newborn. In 1939, Finland was a poor country with one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world (65 out of every 1000 births resulted in death by age 1). The government provided mothers with the box to promote babies co-sleeping safely- the box could easily be put next to the parents’ bed or in between them.

Today, thanks to the box as well as the other services provided by the welfare state, Finland has the lowest infant mortality rate worldwide (less than 1 out of every 1000 births).

The best part? Finland treats all babies as precious equals and so each family has the chance to start as they wish to continue- with their mothers and babies well cared for.
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Article written by Roxanne Atkinson