Socks in bed: Yes or no?

Wearing bed socks is a divisive topic: You either love or hate the idea.

Warm feet, happy sleep
Wearing socks to bed may help you to fall asleep faster. If you’re one of the many that suffer from cold hands and feet that delay you falling asleep then socks are for you. The National Sleep Foundation reports: “Some research has shown that the more vasodilation in the hands and feet, the less time it takes to fall asleep.”

Those with poor circulation and thin skin are particularly prone to cold feet. This means that most women, babies and older folk in their golden years will probably benefit from bed socks.

For the naked foot lover
What if the idea of stuffing your feet into socks makes you feel claustrophobic and grumpy? What if you can’t stand the thought of your partner cuddling up to you with their sock-covered feet? You’ll have to consider the grim alternative: Cold feet trying to find a warm resting spot on your body.

If you refuse to invest in a pair of warm and breathable bed socks for you or your partner, and think it is better for your feet to ‘breathe’ while you rest, then here are some other ways to help you vasodilate your way to dreamland via

1. Use a hot water bottle or heater blanket at the base of your bed
2. Layer an extra blanket over the bottom section of the bed
3. Jump into bed straight after a warm bath to seal in the warm-foot-phenomenon

Here’s to happy feet and sweet dreams!

Written by Roxanne Atkinson