No such thing as a one-size-fits-all baby sleep solution

Should I be sleep training my baby? Or could I rather look for a gentler alternative? These questions are top of mind for most expecting and new parents, but there is no book (or blog) that has the answer and you need to figure out what works best for your baby and your family. Mommy blogger, Tanya Kovarsky, found that what worked for her first baby didn’t work for her second baby.

In her blog post, No regrets: From no sleeping to a little co-sleeping, Tanya explains how her firstborn, Max, had a strict sleep routine. It worked well for Max and Tanya. However, seven years later when baby Rebecca was born, Tanya realised early on that a strict routine wouldn’t work this time around.

Below is an excerpt from Tanya’s co-sleeping blog post:

“These are the best of times. They’re our precious memories in the making, and our happiness of today. I might not be getting my eight or even seven hours a night, but I’m fuelled by my kids and this parenting privilege, and good coffee – best freshly made from the beans in our machine, and enjoyed in bed, of course.” 

The right mattress is the best foundation to any sleep routine

Whether your baby sleeps soundly in his or her cot, or if you have a big, happy family bed, Sealy has a sleep solution for you. The Sealy cot mattresses and Sealy baby mattresses are covered in an aloe vera fabric cover for anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial protection, and both come with a free cot mattress protector. Browse our bed selection on the Sealy website:

Want to sleep better? You may need to get a dog

The presence of a dog is a powerful stress-buster. If you’re struggling to fall asleep each night due to bedtime anxiety, adopting a dog may be all you need to get a better night’s sleep. Here’s how a dog can benefit your sleep.

1. A dog can help you feel more secure
Whether you choose a cute (but yappy) furry friend or a soft (but scary-looking) furry protector, you’ll sleep better knowing you have someone looking out for you.

2. A canine friend can help you relax
Stroking a dog lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Cuddling a dog has the same benefits as cuddling a human-being- lots of feel-good hormones that make us feel all loved-up and dozy.

3. Owning a pup helps combat loneliness
You have someone to talk to and to look after. Plus feeling loved and appreciated help to ward off depression- a good friend of many sleep disorders such as insomnia and over-sleeping.

4. Pet owners have to follow a routine
There is always someone waiting for you at home who is super-happy to see you and needs feeding. Your dog’s biorhythms and day-night feeding schedule will support your own good sleep schedule.

5. Dog owners go for more walks
Getting fresh air and exercise helps you fall asleep faster at night. More activity during the day means better sleep at night.

Choose the right pet for your family by consulting carefully with animal organisations such as the SPCA . Read more about co-sleeping with your pooch:

Pets – do you let them in or keep them out?

I’ll rather not sleep with my furry friend!

If you are sleeping with your pet, make sure you keep your mattress clean with a good quality mattress protector.


Article written by Roxanne Atkinson