A little bit of cleaning could help you sleep better

Did you know that there are some simple habits that could get you closer to a great night’s sleep?

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation showed how vital the bedroom environment is to getting good sleep.

David Cloud, the NSF Chief Operating Officer told WebMD: “We’ve looked a lot at how medical and behavioral issues affect sleep, but we really hadn’t looked at the sleep environment in such depth. Frankly, we were surprised to see that senses like touch, feel, and smell were so important.”

Here’s what to do to sleep better:

1. Make your bed each day

Bed-makers are 19% more likely to have a good night’s sleep than those who leave their beds unmade.

2. Change your bedding regularly

75% of people reported sleeping better on clean linen that had a fresh smell.

3. Clean your room

A calm and clean room helps 66 – 75% of people sleep better.

4. Clean your mattress

Your mattress is the most essential part of your sleep environment. Look after it and it will look after you too. Not sure where to start?

Follow these helpful steps to ensure you get rid of sleep thieves such as dust, mould and pet hair without harming your mattress.

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