Grab a bedtime smoothie and get a good night’s sleep

We all know the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and for most of us we would rather be described as perky, crisp and fresh than soggy, fatty and fried, but the pace of life means that often we are left eating foods that are convenient rather than foods we know we should be eating.

But did you know that what you eat can impact how you sleep?

1. Eating too much – Eating high-fat, high carb foods means extra weight around your middle. This fat blocks up your arteries (hello high blood pressure) and disrupts your airflow (hello snoring). Poor circulation and poor respiration = poor sleep.
2. Eating the wrong foods – a lack of nutrient-rich foods will make falling asleep troublesome. Eating vitamin and mineral-rich foods decreases Restless Leg Syndrome and sleep inertia (that feeling when you just can’t wake up.)

Fear not, here is a wonderful Sleep Smoothie that will help get you sleepy without adding any fat to your middle. Simply combine these ingredients in your blender for the Perfect Bedtime Smoothie.

• ½ cup low calorie almond milk
• 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt (non-fat version)
• ½ cup of frozen cherries
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

This great recipe was found at Steth News.

Want to know more about sleep-promoting foods? Here is the list of Sealy Sleep Super foods that make the perfect bedtime snack.

Jasmine rice
Greens (like valerian, wild lettuce and broccoli)