Should you take your shoes into your bedroom?


In many homes, shoes can be found abandoned in almost every room, including the bedroom. However, removing shoes before entering a home appears to be gaining a following once again.

There are three main reasons that people chose not to have shoes in their homes:

  1. spiritual reasons- to avoid shoes carrying in bad energy in from the outside world
  2. hygiene reasons – to avoid shoes harboring bad germs
  3. practical reasons – to avoid shoes staining the light carpets.

Karen Kingston, International best selling author and clutter clearing expertsays: “My personal favourite is to have a shoe cupboard somewhere just inside the main entrance so you can take your shoes off as soon as you enter and store them hidden from view”.

Whilst you may not be able fit a shoe cupboard at your front door, it’s not great to have a big pile of shoes there either. If you are tight on space here are some ideas:

  • Remove your shoes as you enter your home and carry them to where you store them
  • Wipe them clean before putting them away
  • Keep them inside a closed chest or cupboard rather than out in the open
  • If possible, store them separately to your clothing
  • Get rid of any shoes you never wear to save space

One big ‘hell-no’ is putting your shoes on soft furnishings such as beds and couches. Putting your dirty shoes on or near your sleep sanctuary is ludicrous. Remember your bed should be clean, fresh and germ-free. If you can’t make your house shoe-free at least try and make your bedroom a shoe-free zone.

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A little bit of cleaning could help you sleep better

Did you know that there are some simple habits that could get you closer to a great night’s sleep?

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation showed how vital the bedroom environment is to getting good sleep.

David Cloud, the NSF Chief Operating Officer told WebMD: “We’ve looked a lot at how medical and behavioral issues affect sleep, but we really hadn’t looked at the sleep environment in such depth. Frankly, we were surprised to see that senses like touch, feel, and smell were so important.”

Here’s what to do to sleep better:

1. Make your bed each day

Bed-makers are 19% more likely to have a good night’s sleep than those who leave their beds unmade.

2. Change your bedding regularly

75% of people reported sleeping better on clean linen that had a fresh smell.

3. Clean your room

A calm and clean room helps 66 – 75% of people sleep better.

4. Clean your mattress

Your mattress is the most essential part of your sleep environment. Look after it and it will look after you too. Not sure where to start?

Follow these helpful steps to ensure you get rid of sleep thieves such as dust, mould and pet hair without harming your mattress.

Prolong the life of your Sealy Mattress… Invest in our range of mattress and pillow protectors that will not only protect your mattress and pillows, but keep them clean and healthy.

Sheepskin rugs transform bedrooms into boudoirs

You don’t have to look far to find luscious sheepskin rugs. They’re gracing the bottoms of beds, lingering on lounge suites and warming the cribs of newborns.

Whether they remain in their natural wooly-white, ivory form or are dyed to match the décor, it is no wonder that this textile (that was previously set aside to manufacture luxury slippers) has crossed over into mainstream décor.

Of course there are many faux options available, but before you buy the look for less, consider the sleep-promoting properties of sheepskin:

1. Warmth – sheepskin’s depth locks in heat
2. Softness – sheepskin retains its incredible plushness wash after wash
3. Breathability – like all natural fibres, sheepskin allows air flow. This keeps moisture and odour levels low, low, low…

Besides adding to your sleep satisfaction, a sheepskin rug will also be a distinct asset to your décor arsenal. If you are planning on adding a rug or two to your home, look for a rug with a deep pile (which adds comfort) and a lovely sheen (which adds depth and visual interest).

At Sealy, we are natural-fibre lovers. That is why we embrace bamboo, aloe-vera and pure cotton when making our products. To learn more about our mattresses and bed linens visit

Winter throws and quilts that add more than just warmth to your bed

Winter is fast-approaching and you may find yourself in one of two camps: full of glee or full of dread. However, there is one thing we call all agree on and that is that these gorgeous throws and quilts are a great way to embrace the icy weather.

After investing in a Sealy mattress that is designed for your sleeping pleasure, it is only sensible to invest in a quilt that makes you smile and do a happy dance every time you see your bed.

If you favour hugs and deep massages, purchase a heavy quilt like this one from Purl Soho. With linen on one side and plush fur on the other this quilt gives you the best of both worlds.

Purlsoho strpied quilt

If you prefer a more tactile experience, go for something light and soft like these knitted throws:

These knitted throws offer a more tactile experience

If you’re a DIYer, you might want to watch this tutorial from Simply Maggie – learn how to arm knit your own blanket in just 45 minutes. Easy peasy!

Image source: Simply Maggie
Image source: Simply Maggie

Written by Roxanne Atkinson


Every bedroom needs these posters

Whatever your décor style, we have you covered in this Sealy blog.
After investing in a Sealy mattress, and protecting it and choosing quality sleep-boosting bed linen what better way to adorn your boudoir and celebrate sleep then with these top-trending sleep posters?
From abstract art to whimsical illustrations, from strong self-talk to comical drawings, these posters are sure to remind you that sleep is glorious.
Customise your bedroom with this selection of gorgeous sleep posters.
Customise your bedroom with this selection of gorgeous sleep posters.
These posters work well on their own in strong box frames next to your bed or together on a wall as a well-aligned ‘sleep groupie’ collection.
Do you have a favourite sleep mantra or sleep visual? What images do you find calming – is it an ocean view? Karoo landscape? Or a still life painting of beautiful blooms? Please let us know on our Sealy Facebook page.

Beat the dust – how to rid your bedroom of dust and dust mites

Unfortunately, most of the dust that is found in your bedroom comes from yourself (and your pets) rather than from the outside world. As dead skin and hair cells break off they form dust -the perfect environment for dust mites to live and breed.

Dust and dust mites can interfere with your sleep: Many adults and children are allergic to dust and can suffer from symptoms such as congestion, sneezing and even snoring. A dust mite infestation will present with itchy bites and cause great disruptions to your sleep.

To get your best night’s sleep you need to beat the dust and dust mites.
Here’s your hit list, from least to most effort.

• Delay making your bed by one hour to allow the mattress and linen to air out. Dust mites love damp, dark places.

• Buy a high-quality mattress protector to trap the dust mites inside your mattress and prevent liquids from moving into your mattress.

• Use a wet cloth to dust all hard surfaces in your bedroom. Vacuum all soft furnishings and hard to reach cornices.

• Get your mattress professionally cleaned, alternately leave your mattress in the sun and fresh air once a week.

• Launder all duvet inners, mattress covers, pillows and pillowcases. The method will vary depending on the material you have chosen ie. polyester versus goose down. Ensure everything is ell dried before you make your bed again.

• Replace curtains with blinds and wipe these regularly. Alternately, remember to dust curtain rails and wash your curtains monthly.

• Ensure all clothing items are well-organised in spacious closets where air can circulate- dust mites hate fresh air and sunlight.

• Get rid of bedroom carpets altogether so that dust cannot accumulate in the fibres. Replace with loose carpets or mats that can be regularly shaken and washed.

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Why less is more

Technology has taken us to some pretty darn crazy places… From finding water on Mars to Kim K’s cleavage, today’s technology is taking people anywhere they want to go. However, whilst technology may be incredibly good at getting you what you want and where you want to be, it is probably also getting in the way of a good night’s sleep.

Many people apply the wisdom of ‘no TV in the bedroom’, but fewer have managed to keep laptops and phones from joining them under the covers.

Switching off technology is the first step to switching off to fall asleep.

Screen time before bed upsets the brain’s sleep-wake cycle. As you look into a bright light your brain delays the release of melatonin as it is ‘tricked’ into thinking that it is still daytime. Screen time can also upset your ability to switch off your stress response. Often a simple swipe to see some pretty Instagram posts can turn into a sweat session as you suddenly become aware of pressing work emails or your crush’s latest escapades (that didn’t include you!).

Take back the night and get the sleep you need:
1. Turn off all devices 30 minutes before you start your bedtime routine.
2. Use ‘nanny’ apps to help you stay away from stressful places- like your mailbox or Internet banking during certain hours ie. after 8pm.
3. Find a healthier alternative – light some candles, grab a book, do a crossword, take a warm bath, focus on the things you are grateful for…

and enjoy the life-boosting benefits of a great night’s sleep.

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Bedroom decor: Get your pastel on

Bedroom décor has slowly moved away from tranquil whites, passed through sleepy greys and found itself infiltrated by gentle pastels. Colours of spring blossoms, such green, pink and peach have been subdued into pastel hues that only add to the tranquility and sleepiness, rather than detracting from it.

Add a little plant life or botanical print and your boudoir will be en trend. Which of these beautiful pastel- hued boudoirs would you choose for a great night’s sleep?

We love this peach pastel bedroom, spotted on
We love this peach pastel bedroom, spotted on
This hand-knitted blanket is a gorgeous feature of this Scandinavian inspired bedroom. Spotted on
This hand-knitted blanket is a gorgeous feature of this Scandinavian inspired bedroom. Spotted on
This mint-green pastel bedroom inspires tranquility!
This mint-green pastel bedroom inspires tranquility!

Don’t hoard – Make a headboard!

Upcycling has taken the world by storm turning the décor world on its head. ‘Useless’, broken and out-of-date pieces are suddenly must-haves and re-doing old pieces of furniture rather than ‘buying’ new pieces of furniture is recognised as good – good for the environment, good taste and good will.

When it comes to headboards, the ideas seem limitless. A headboard is your bed’s crowning glory and can make a huge impact to any bedroom. Check out these inspirational ideas- all done with a little upcycling:

Use those old books creatively to create an interesting headboard.
Use those old books creatively to create an interesting headboard.
This upcycled Oar Headboard is perfect for a nautical-themed bedroom.
This upcycled Oar Headboard is perfect for a nautical-themed bedroom.
A headboard made of pool noodles will add a fun element to a child's bedroom.
A headboard made of pool noodles will add a fun element to a child’s bedroom.