5 ways sleep impacts an athlete’s performance

Sleeping the right amount at the right time is essential to ensure long-term success as an athlete.

This is how good sleep improves your athletic performance:

1. Athletes need time to repair their muscles.
Growing children and adolescents who have adequate sleep are less prone to injury.

2. Lack of sleep can make a person moody and irritable and prone to aggressive outbursts. Athletes need to be control of their emotions. Hold it together on the field by getting enough sleep before big games.

3. Athletes need time to process what they have learnt in training.
If you want your reaction times to get faster, you need to give your brain a chance to strengthen key pathways. The only chance your brain has to do this, is the evening after your training.

5. Lack of sleep will make you crave fatty, high-carb foods.
As an athlete you need to eat the right amount of nutritious food and stay hydrated to ensure your body has the building blocks it needs. Avoid energy drinks full of sugar and caffeine that promise to improve your performance but leave you unable to sleep.

Help yourself be the athlete you were born to be by training hard during the day and sleeping hard at night. If it’s your mattress keeping you up at night, invest in your track performance by investing in your bedroom.

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Article written by Roxanne Atkinson