Staying awake on a road trip

Staying awake on a road trip

Falling asleep at the wheel is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle fatalities in South Africa. As we approach the festive season and the summer holidays many folk will be travelling towards family and the coast. To help ensure you get there safely, here’s what you need to know.

To stay awake on a road trip you will need-

8 hours sleep prior to departure
A break every 2 hours
Plenty of circulating, fresh air
1 – 2 litres of cold water to stay hydrated
A selection of upbeat travel tunes
At least one good mate filled with interesting travel tales (either in your car or on the phone)
Easy-access padkos such as biltong, chips, mini-chocolates, yogurt-covered dates, nuts and raisins
A power nap kit that includes a pillow, a blanket and an eye mask
In case of emergency, you will need-

500ml bottle of Coca-Cola
One cup of coffee
A bag of sour sweets
One pack of strong menthol chewing gum
Wetwipes for freshening up
Remember to avoid at all costs alcohol and recreational drugs, prescription drugs that could lead to drowsiness, using your mobile phone while driving and eating large meals that will leave you feeling sleepy.

Arrive alive, even if it means you get there a little later than expected.

We’ve got road trips covered! If you’re a passenger and you want to catch some shut-eye, click here for some tips. If you’re doing a long road trip with small kids, you’ll want to read our advice here.