Sleep well in the same bed

Sleep well in the same bed

Whilst some choose to sleep in separate bedrooms, others choose a less rigid solution to their sleep differences. Sleeping well in the same bed as your partner is no longer a pie-in-the-sky dream, it is a Sealy reality.

Option 1: Buy one mattress with posture pockets

Imagine a mattress that limits partner disturbance by using individually wrapped springs/pockets to absorb your partner’s tossing and turning. With the Sealy Crown Jewel Posture Pocket both partners get what they need to get a good night’s sleep.

The range consists of different pocket options to cater for heavier sleepers (nested pocket) and lighter sleepers (pocket-on-pocket). However, if you and your partner differ in weight by more than 20kg, then you will need to go with option 2.

Option 2: Buy one king-sized base and two single mattresses

A king-sized base with two single mattresses on top is a great way to avoid having to compromise on comfort. Each partner can choose their ideal mattress without the other partner losing out on the comfort or support that they need to sleep well.

If you need a mattress that allows you to sleep in a position other than ‘flat’ you may want to consider option 3.

Option 3: Buy two single adjustable bases and two single mattresses

The Sealy Adjustable Designer range offers the ultimate in power adjustable beds. Each single base offers endless adjustments so that you and your partner can each find a setting that suits your sleep needs, but still feel like you are sleeping in the same ‘king-sized bed’.

Each single bed base can be transformed to offer any position:
• lying flat
• head up
• feet up
• or any combination of these.

Other comfort adjustments such as zero-gravity or dual massage are also available. Lighting options such as flashlight or indirect lighting allow one partner to read in bed without disturbing the other one’s sleep. Talk about a considerate purchase!

Get to your nearest Sealy stockist to experience this sleep technology for yourself.