How to sleep at work… without getting caught

How to sleep at work… without getting caught

There are many ways of grabbing a power nap on the sly… there is the traditional falling-asleep-at-your-desk move, the wearing-sunglasses-because it-is-so-bright-in-this-conference-room move and the fake-toilet-break move.

However, recent research reveals that taking an hour-long nap in the afternoon improves memory and thinking – so if you can get your boss sold on the idea, we have identified a few products that will take your afternoon snooze to the next level. These provide warmth, darkness and neck support, allowing you to take your nap time under your desk, into your parked vehicle, onto a quiet garden bench or even behind that large sofa in the staff lounge if you have to!

Which of these great sleep products would you choose to make sure you get the power nap you need pronto?

The ostrich pillow

Click here to find out more about the Ostrich Pillow.
The Hooded Travel Pillow

Great for travelling or catching a nap just about anywhere… click here to find out more about the Sleep Hoodie.
The Versatile Sleeping Bag Suit

Is it a sleeping bag or is it a sleeping suit? We don’t know, but we LOVE it… click here to find out more.

None of these sleep products will come close to a good night’s sleep on a Sealy mattress, but at least it’s better than the bathroom floor, right?

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