How sleep makes women even more fabulous

How sleep makes women even more fabulous

Celebrating Women: Women’s Month

Whether you find yourself working at home, working out in the gym or working like a boss- sleep will help you perform at your best.

In our last blog post, we looked at a comment by Arianna Huffington that declared women’s sleep ‘the next feminist issue’, arguing that lack of sleep affects a women’s judgment, creativity and ability to realise their full potential.

She may be onto something.

Studies have shown that sleep improves:

  • athletic performance
  • cognitive performance
  • emotional intelligence
  • physical health
  • mental health
  • and overall appearance.

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Ask any successful women how she got to where she is today (be it as a mother, sports star, entrepreneur or employer) and she will tell you that she used her brains, brawn, beauty and basic women’s intuition to fight her way there.

Don’t let a lack of sleep get in the way of finding your fabulous. Here are some sleep tips for women to help prevent you feeling depressed, disempowered and disorganised:

Plan to get more sleep than your male partner

Women have a physiological need for more sleep than men. Get to bed before him or wake up after him. Either way get the sleep you need.

Consider sleeping in separate beds

If you are easily disturbed by your partner you may want to re-consider your sleeping arrangements.

Visit your doctor and get treatment

If you suspect you may have depression, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes or heart disease then you should see your GP. Your poor physical or mental health could be linked to your poor sleep health.

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