Sleep and happiness – what is the connection?

Sleep and happiness – what is the connection?

Most of us want to be resilient, happy people that can cope with life’s ups and downs, however, most of us are trying to achieve this with grit and determination when what we really need is maybe a nap or two. It’s a proven fact that there is a vital connection between sleep and happiness.

Even one night of poor sleep can send many into a state of morning grouchiness or even worse – a grump attack that could last all day until the sleep is replenished. A growing sleep debt is associated with increased risk of mental illness and poor interpersonal relationships. Yes, it is hard to be happy when you are sleep deprived!

So good sleep means more happiness, but does happiness mean better sleep? Indeed, the answer is yes. Anxiety is a leading sleep thief, whilst well-being promotes good quality sleep. Endorphins known as ‘happy hormones’ work alongside your sleep hormones to promote a deep, happy, dreamy sleep state.

Unsurprisingly, your bed plays a big role in your happiness. A recent article in the Huffington post claims that the simple act of making the bed just might be the world’s easiest success habit. It’s correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.

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