Sleep Data is powerful – but only when it’s in the right hands

Sleep Data is powerful – but only when it’s in the right hands

While it might be fun to pore over the data from your wearable or sleep app, scientists are skeptical about the real impact of sleep data.

Over the years, we have featured some pretty cool sleep tech that delivered some even cooler figures:

We reviewed alarm clocks (such as the Kello Smart Alarm Clock); sleep apps that promise to transform your smart phone to a sleep lab (like the SleepCycle Power nap App) and smart watches (such as the Fitbit watch that gave you a sleep graph each morning).

And sleep tech has shown no sign of slowing down. Fast forward to 2017 and we have already seen the launch of sleep belts that record everything, temperature controlled mattresses that warm you up or cool you down and vibrating pillows that disrupt your snoring.

The question on the scientists’ lips… “What does all this data equate to?”

Scientists have two concerns:
1. This data is not always ‘that’ accurate – Like when your sleep graph says you only slept for 1hr45min!
2. The data can be really tricky to interpret – Like is 24% REM sleep a good or bad thing?

Unless you are a studied sleep expert, sleep data may be meaningless and in turn useless to improving your sleep.

And so the next big thing in tech will be about just that – putting your personal data in the right hands. Perhaps an app will compare your biomedical data to someone the same gender, age and weight? Or perhaps those diagnosed with sleep disorders will have their data emailed straight to their doctor if it is clear that their sleep condition is not well controlled.

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Article written by Roxanne Atkinson