Self-care = getting enough sleep

Self-care = getting enough sleep

Self-care is having a moment. I’m sure you’ll see something about it in your Facebook or Instagram feed at least once a day. One thing beauty blogger, Chereen from For the Beauty of It, has discovered is self-care = getting enough sleep.

Self-care might be the latest buzzword but it comes with it an important message… in a world where we’re constantly asked to do more, be more, buy more we’re happy to welcome a buzzword or a trend that’s all about slowing down, being mindful and looking within. In her recent blog post about bedtime rituals, Chereen says she realised a long time ago that sleep was essential if she was going to manage being mom to a young child and running her own business from home. But there’s one thing getting into bed by 10pm every night, it’s quite another thing if you lie there awake, waiting for sleep to come!

If you can relate to Chereen and her bedtime struggles, be sure to read her blog post which outlines her routine during the early evening and just before bed. You might get a few handy tips there.

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