Reader-approved sleep tips for Mombies

Reader-approved sleep tips for Mombies

We asked for your best sleep tips for new moms and ‘woah baby’ you gave us some great ones! Here are the five top tips that could help Mombies that elusive sleep they’re after.

1. ‘Sleep when baby sleeps’ – Submitted by Charmaine Priviledge Mahoya

By far the most popular advice, this little pearl of wisdom was echoed again and again by Sealy fans. Whilst many moms acknowledged that actually sleeping can be difficult, Annelize had a great point: “Lie down even if you can’t sleep. Get off your feet, relax on the couch but stay off the phone.”

With statements such as “master the art of ‘sleeping when baby sleeps’ from an early stage so that you can get a few winks of sleep whilst baby is resting too” (Jackie Naidoo) and “Sleep any chance you are given” (Karen) it is clear that sleep needs to be a priority once baby arrives.

Alzita Van Der Merwe-De Wet added, “go to bed as early as possible- you will thank yourself during the 3am feed”

2. ‘The laundry and dishes can wait’ – Nicola Meyer

Sandy Maharajh agreed: “Yes, there is a ton of work to do while baby sleeps, but that is also the only time for you to nap. Delegate chores to family willing to help and get those much needed Zzzzz’s while baby naps.” Bongiwe Mbhele added her voice to the choir: “It’s not the end of the world if your house is not sparkling clean.”

“Accept that your house is dirty and messy and go to sleep because once baby is up, you have to be up too.” – Chantal Natalie August

3. ‘Getting help does not mean you are a bad mom’ – Kurt

It really does take a village and moms should fee no shame asking family and friends for help when they need it. Many dads want to share parenting, but in the early days, are not sure what they can do.

“Nursing mothers might consider pumping milk so Dad can take care of at least one nighttime feeding” Losh Don Kisten said, whilst Anushka Moonilal had a similar idea saying that “[dads and moms] can alternate days [and nights]” so that each person is getting a good night’s sleep every other day.

4. ‘Take care of yourself”- Andrea Bester

New moms are often torn between their needs and their baby’s needs. However, a happy mom = happy home so love yourself as much as you do your baby.
• If baby needs to eat nourishing meals, so too does mom.
• If baby needs love and affection, so too does mom.
• If baby needs a clean, comfortable bed so too does mom.

A soothing bed is essential to make sure that the limited hours of sleep you do get, are comfortable ones. Sealy has beautiful beds for mom and babe.

5. ‘Babies are all different’ – Anitha Maharaj

The best sleep tip of all acknowledges that sleep will look different for each baby and family. What matters is that your sleep solution works for your family. Dawn Clarke put it plainly: “Honestly, don’t look at other moms… you’re not them… and they are not you… Trust your gut and instinct.”

“Hang in there mom. You are a good mom and it does get better, I promise!” added Jessica Otto.

So there you have it. The top five Sealy sleep tips for new moms are:
• Sleep when baby sleeps
• Let the laundry and dishes wait
• Ask for help
• Take care of yourself
• Accept that babies are all different

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Sleep tips for new moms