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Distinct comfort!

Before you dismiss the idea of a foam mattress, you might want to take a look at how Sealy has taken foam into the 21st Century! Using the very latest in memory foam and gel technology, the Sealy Optimum Foam range provides superb support for every part of your body that needs it, and gives you a feeling of superior luxury that is synonymous with every Sealy mattress we make. You’ll love your Sealy!

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Single: 915x1880mm
3 Quarter: 1070x1880mm
Double: 1370x1880mm
Queen: 1520x1880mm
King: 1830x1880mm
Extra Length: 2000mm
Standard Length: 1880mm


Marvelux Foam
A high quality specialised foam that provides uniform back support while keeping your neck and back aligned
Characterized by a gently firm feel, delivering a healthy sleep surface.
Foam Support Foundation
A firmer base layer provides a deeper level of support and a firmer edge for a solid seating surface

Insulator Pad
A quality fibre pad of consistent strength.
Prevents spring feel
Body Climate Fabric
Moves air in, out and around the mattress all night regulating the temperature and keeping your mattress fresh
Regulates moisture, keeping the surface dry and healthy
Anti-bacterial fabric prevents the development of bacteria

Adjustable Flexi-Leg designer feet
Is adjustable to 3 heights
Helps you adjust your bed height as you require
Durable and long-lasting
Staytight Reinforced wood base with rubberized top
Strong and durable, acts as a grip
Long Lasting Holds your mattress & sheets in place


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