Crown Jewel Collection

MODERN. SOPHISTICATED. ELEGANT.Gaze upon a Crown Jewel Collection bed and you will instantly know that this is something special. You can see it in the lavishly luxurious materials, the craftsmanship in every line, every angle and dimension.

Yet as beautiful as a Crown Jewel bed looks, to truly appreciate its beauty you need to stretch out on it, close your eyes, relax, and give yourself to utter enveloping luxury.

With Crown Jewel Collection, we’ve taken the art of sleep to an entirely new level. We’ve taken it to the leading edge of luxury.

THE PEAK OF PERFECTION. The Crown Jewel Collection is in a class of its own. Every detail, every dimension, has been painstakingly considered and crafted. because when it comes to creating the ideal sleep system, nothing less than perfection will do.

Recommended retail queen size set R13,999 to R22,999.
Contact a Sealy retailer for their range pricing.


Mattress Protectors, Pillows and Pillow protectors available


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