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How to snooze when you’re a passenger on a road trip

How to snooze when you’re a passenger on a road trip

A long road trip is a great time to bond with fellow passengers, however when the conversation has dried up and the scenery just isn’t changing, you might want to catch a short snooze. We have some tips to help you sleep like a baby:

First of all, pack yourself a sleep travel kit that includes earplugs, headphones (plus source of relaxing music), eye mask, pillow and blanket. An inflatable neck pillow may be worth every cent especially if you are forced to travel in the upright position. The blanket can double as a curtain and be used to block out any light that is streaming through your passenger window. Befriending a passenger may be worth it if you can find a shoulder or lap to lean on.

Secondly, you will need to dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that travel well. Avoid skinny jeans, tight shorts, leather jackets and linen dresses. Lace-up knee high boots or converse takkies are also undesirable for you and all those unlucky enough to share your air should you wish to take them off. Caps and beanies can double as an eye-mask.

Thirdly, eat food that will help you sleep. You may drink some water, milk or calming teas, but avoid a large drink before you try to slip off into slumber. You will also need to avoid popular caffeine-laden padkos and drinks like Coca-cola, chocolate and Redbull. Rather pick on some biltong, banana chips and nuts.

And lastly, display your ticket or offer your contribution towards petrol, tolls and music-selection early in the road trip so that no one, and I mean no one, feels that there is a legitimate reason to wake you.

We’ve got road trips covered! If you’re the driver, click here for some important tips on how to stay awake. If you’re doing a long road trip with small kids, you’ll want to read our advice here.

Here’s to happy road tripping, folks!

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