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Nokia Sleep could change how you feel about sleep

Nokia Sleep could change how you feel about sleep

Nokia Sleep is a Wi-Fi enabled pad that fits under your mattress. It has multiple sensors to detect and record your:

  • sleep cycles
  • sleep duration
  • sleep interruptions
  • sleep phases (including light, REM and non-REM sleep) and
  • snoring

Each morning it provides you with an individualized Sleep Score to indicate the quantity and quality of your sleep. It also goes on to provide advice as to how you could improve your score.

Whilst there are many sleep trackers available on the market that do just this, what makes the Nokia Sleep truly remarkable is its ability to integrate with all internet-connected things in your home to provide the optimal sleep or waking environment. This is known as ‘If this then that’ (IFTTT) technology as it can automatically control your lights, thermostats and more after receiving information from the sensor pad under your mattress.

For example:

  1. Should the Nokia Sleep detect that you are too hot then the Smart Home control feature will automatically adjust your home thermostat to make you more comfortable and prevent your sleep being disrupted.
  2. If you jump into bed to read, your lights will automatically dim.
  3. Should you want to rise by a particular time, then your lights and even your Smart TV could be turned on to assist you to wake up.

The Nokia Sleep is set to hit stores such as Amazon in late January 2018. The Nokia Sleep will sell for around $100 or approximately R1230.

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