Looking at Getting a Luxury Sealy Mattress?

Looking at Getting a Luxury Sealy Mattress?

We just love our luxury beds and mattresses; the comfort they give us when we sink in knowing we have the perfect one for us.

Here we will discuss the actual size of beds, what you should know before you go bed shopping and the best bed brand in SA.

What is the actual size of beds?

We just know bigger is better to stretch out and roll around, but when it comes to fitting the bed in a room at home, measurements are required. A king-size bed is 183cm by 188cm. A queen bed size is 152cm by 188 cm. A double bed is 137cm by 188cm. A three-quarter bed is 107cm by 188cm and a single bed is 91cm by 188cm.

What you should know before buying the bed?

There are so many factors to consider before buying a bed. Always remember comfort is key, look for the mattress that best suits you and not the style. Test the mattress, check out online reviews and firmer is not always better. Deciding on a budget is a good start and don’t rush into a purchase. Keep in mind that brands have value and look for a good warranty.

What is the best bed brand in South Africa?

When in the market for a new bed, you only want to deal with the best company that can give you that ultimate comfort and relaxation with a brand you can trust. There are a few brilliant brands on the market but we can honestly say Sealy makes the cut. You get only the best customer service, comfort and value for money.

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