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Let’s Get Lucid

Let’s Get Lucid

Imagine being able to enter the realm of the dreaming state, all the while maintaining a conscious awareness of yourself, your surroundings and your actions. It would be like entering a fantasy world –  and with the power to make decisions, you could control just about everything whilst having none of the sensory experiences that an alternate reality could offer you blunted. A world like this exists through lucid dreaming.

Starting with Science

It was Keith Hearne, a parapsychologist, who first captured the scientific evidence of the lucid dreaming state. He used a Grass Polygraph to record the predetermined conscious eye movements of a subject that agreed to be studied under lucid dreaming states. Before then, Tibetan monks had been harnessing the power of controlled dreaming for thousands of years through a practice known as dream yoga.

Waking up Your Brain

Lucid dreaming takes place when the conscious brain is alert during dreaming states (including the visualisations that go with that). Several methods can be used to induce lucid dreaming and to help awaken your conscious mind; meditation for training your mind to ‘perform on demand’, dream journaling or keeping records of the dreams you have had so that reality and the dream world are connected, as well as mnemonic learning techniques with lucid dreaming being the focal point.

The Benefits  

Scientist believe that anyone can learn to lucid dream and have also hypothesised that everyone will have a lucid dream at least once in their lifetime (even if it is spontaneous). There are no physical dangers associated with lucid dreaming and many have spoken of its benefits, which include; a healthy escapism, improving problem solving skills, developing self-awareness and exploring the subconscious mind for a range pf psychological benefits.

Get Comfy!

If you’d like to give lucid dreaming a go, then in conjunction with the aforementioned techniques, a comfortable mattress that provides proper support and allows for uninterrupted sleep is essential. Contact Sealy Posturepedic, or visit their website for more information on how to optimize comfort. Sweet (lucid) dreams…

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