How to kick the habit of going to bed too late

How to kick the habit of going to bed too late

Going to bed too late has a negative impact on the quality of your sleep. Push your body and brain too far passed that initial sunset sleepiness and you will find yourself struggling to beat the stress hormones into submission.

Moving into the ‘over-tired’ zone and relying on adrenaline to conquer your evening goals (be that a marathon series finale or a career-saving presentation) will leave you:
a) tossing and turning at 1am or
b) collapsing into bed way too close to sunrise.

Both a and b will leave you no chance of meeting your sleep requirements. Both will also leave you with little chance of performing well day after day, week after week.

Want to kick this self-destructive sleep habit in the butt? Here’s how.
1. Write it down. The first step to attaining any goal is setting one… in writing. Something like: “Get to bed by 10pm five out of seven nights this week” may be a good place to start.
2. Set a sleep reminder- concern yourself more about the time you should be falling asleep than the time you should wake up. Give your body enough Zzzzz and you will start waking up earlier than ever before.
3. Stop fighting nature and synchronise your circadian rhythms with the sun. Sleep when the sun sets and wake up when the sun rises.
4. Remove any sources of bright light (TV, tablets, bathroom lights) to help your brain know for sure that it is nighttime.
5. Go offline. Turn off your phone, shut down your computer and get used to candle light, a warm bath and a glass of milk in the run up to bed.
6. Write a list. If there is any pressing concern that is weighing on your mind, write a list and tackle it at sunrise.

It’s amazing how fast the your mind can be in the early morning after a great night’s sleep!

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