Japan’s Kaizen techniques could help you sleep better

Japan’s Kaizen techniques could help you sleep better

With all eyes on Japan for the Rugby World Cup, we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered Japan’s Kaizen techniques, which could help you sleep better.

Developing a habit of good sleep can really help you shift your life on a daily basis. It will allow you to be active even in the office while working, being energetic while supporting your favourite team in Rugby World Cup and if you are a player, being able to perform better and make your fans proud.

Sleep is essential to ensuring we remain active and productive throughout the day. Our body cannot function properly if it’s not given an adequate amount of it. All the organs of our body work all day long, don’t forget to give them the proper rest and the only way is to ensure to take your proper and quality hours of sleep.

We are fine with compromising on our sleep, in order to wind up the work. But we forget that we cannot work effectively if not having enough amount of energy. In all these circumstances, people suffer from multiple sleep issues like Insomnia or continuous headaches or unexplained moodiness.

If you are also suffering from any one of these, try out some of the following Kaizen (A Japanese word meaning “change”) techniques in order to improve the quality of your sleep:

  • Let’s start with the simplest form of Kaizen technique, known as Point Kaizen. It simply refers to immediate, unplanned and quick implementations. In order to improve your sleep, you can plan out certain quick tactics like decluttering your bed area in 5 minutes before sleeping, shutting out the lights, blocking out noise and a lot more.
  • Technique number two is System Kaizen. It refers to the accomplishment of tasks in a systematic manner. So, in order to ensure quality sleeping habits, make sure to keep an organised record of your sleeping hours on daily basis with the aim of improving them.
  • Line Kaizen techniques not only allow you the implementation of the specified task, but also on the downstream ones. In addition to decluttering your bed and keeping a sleep diary, try take a bath before going to bed. It will help you get better sleep and be more refreshed for the day ahead.
  • Plane Kaizen refers to the connection of several lines together in a stream. For better sleep, read a book for five minutes at least (in addition to the other items you have added to your list). It will not only give you a night of better sleep, but also the powers of knowledge, learning, exploring and enhancing your vocabulary.
  • Cube Kaizen refers to the connection of all processes together in order to come up with efficient results. Good sleep is not a one-time task, but a habit to be developed. So, make sure to be consistent and determined on your purpose. Set it as a goal. Also, it’s about sleep, so don’t forget to make sure that you get yourself the most comfortable and suitable sleeping area (Bed and Mattress).            

It might seem challenging to change your entire sleep routine all at once, but the Kaizen method encourages you to make small, incremental changes, one step at a time. Don’t aim for perfection, rather aim for small positive changes.

Does your sleep environment need the Kaizen method?

When it comes to your sleep environment, it’s important that you have a comfortable mattress. That’s the big change, right? But besides a new mattress, you could consider making smaller changes, such as investing in a new pillow. Your pillow plays an important role in ensuring a good night’s sleep and maintaining proper spine alignment. You could also improve your sleep environment by investing in new linen or curtains. Let Sealy be your starting point – check out the range of Sealy Sleep Accessories, which include a variety of pillows, linen and mattress protectors.