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Improving Your Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep

Improving Your Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep

How Mattresses Came To Be

Sleeping on a mattress is something which most of us take for granted, with bed stores found nationwide, and with the choice of different makes and kinds of mattresses to choose from today.

We may think that the use of mattresses for comfort while resting and sleeping is something which has been around for a short period in our history.

Looking back in time, we see that a type of mattress has been used even during our earliest human civilisations.

Of course, thousands of years ago there weren’t any bed stores selling mattresses, but there were forms of these items.

77 000 years ago we see the use of a form of a mattress which was made up of reeds and grass which was bundled together in order to make up a structure which would be rested upon.

This mattress was about the size of a normal single bed mattress and was seen to have also used materials which would keep insects away.

As time went on, and humans began to manufacture more things, we see that around 3000 and 1000 BC the Egyptians began to developed raising structures in order for their mattresses to be off the ground.

These bed frames were made from wood and were created to keep individuals off the ground away from insects and other creatures which could harm them.

The upper class had their beds made of ebony, a status simple was now being formed in the shape of beds.

Today we have beds made of different materials with different support designs being installed in order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your mattress.

With stores selling, beds found all across the country, including bed stores KwaZulu Natal, one of the best choices for your sleep is to choose from Sealy Sleep Centre products.

These beds are designed to provide comfort and support for their users and any bed store businesses looking to start supplying Sealy to their clients will see the difference in quality.

The Benefits Of Sleeping On A Sealy

Sealy Sleep Centre provides bed stores with top quality mattresses and pillows which have been designed and innovated to help people sleep with the best comfort and assistance.

There is actually proven reasons why Sealy beds in the top quality bed supplier they are.

Their design and focus on making the best range of mattresses are why bed stores want to purchase them.

Bed stores that purchase Sealy beds will have a variety of options all with the support and structure that will have clients improving their sleep patterns.

With choices such as firm, plush and ultra-plush, you are able to offer your customers choice in the beds they want.

These beds will all have a great degree of support, with cushioning levels changing depending on the type.

If your bed stores Gauteng or in any other area, you will be able to purchase high performing beds that will fly off of your shelves.

Sealy beds are designed to complement each individual person, designed to feel fresh and new, yet still, give you that comfort feeling.

Bed stores should highlight the fact that Sealy mattresses are innovated to support a person’s needs, such as back support, which a lot of other mattresses cannot.

The Benefits Of Comfort

Sealy beds, which can be found in bed stores across the country, offer many advantages.

One big advantage is the ability to allow a constant body temperature.

Some beds seem to hold heat a lot more than others and having a bed which is too hot or too cold will leave your suffering as the seasons change.

Keeping you cool through the night will ensure that you have a deep sleep, which will improve your time out of the bed.

Bed stores KwaZulu Natal, among other stores, can boast that the Sealy mattress is designed to promote airflow which benefits customers during those hot summer nights.

The Sealy approved gel memory foam,  has been carefully designed in order to provide bed stores with a high-quality mattress that will reset their support, giving consumers the same feel night after night.

The comfort, of course, is a big factor when choosing to buy a mattress, with so many options and so many varying prices.

Sealy guarantees that their mattresses do not only provide more support but, using mini pillow coils, give their users a bed to relax in.

Mattresses are big investments as they are not items which you buy every year, not even every two years.

Sealy offers mattresses to bed stores Gauteng, and internationally, which are reliable, resilient and has a lifespan which is longer than most mattresses.

The Benefits Of Support

Sealy has developed technology which is able to provide support specific to each individual, this is very helpful as many people suffer from back, hip, shoulder and neck pain.

Most of this comes as a result of sleeping on a mattress which is not fully supporting key areas of your body.

Sleeping incorrectly can affect your mood and your productivity levels in the day. Bed stores across South Africa should ensure that customers understand how beneficial a Sealy mattress can be.

Another benefit is that the coils used in Sealy mattresses actually offer less motion when one moves in the bed.

This can benefit couples who may otherwise feel every movement from their significant other, decreasing the value of their rest.

Finally, Sealy has designed their mattresses with technology which offers support in the sense that there is no real way of feeling like you will slip or roll-off.

Bed stores and their owners will find that these mattresses are designed not for the purpose of selling, but for the purpose of making sure that people are getting what they paid for, sleep

6 Tips When Buying A Mattress

Research Online

Before stepping out the door to a bed store, take a look at their catalogue and see if they are selling beds which offer you what you’re looking for.

As mentioned above bed stores which offer Sealy mattresses have done their research into understand what goes into making a bed the best it can be.

Speak To Your Doctor

Speaking to your doctor will provide you with much-needed information on which types of mattresses to look for.

Sealy has essentially spoken to a doctor as they have created a mattress which is tailor-made for every person, offering the best support in all areas.

Bed stores understand that Sealy is as close to perfect as you can get and will be able to provide you with a bed which is best suited to your support needs.

Don’t Get Sucked In By Stunts

There are places which will try and sell beds with the guarantee that they are the highest of quality and offer the best support when in fact these beds are just being overpriced and are low quality.

Bed stores KwaZulu Natal and across the country do not need to do this as Sealy beds offer all of the marketing and advertising points you need.

Try The Mattress Out

Test drive the mattress to see if all the hype and selling points are valid.

The best way to know if a mattress is for you is to go and see if you feel comfortable and supported on it.

Bed stores offer this tryout and checking if a Sealy is what you want will leave customers seeing why they guarantee airflow, support and comfortability.

Sealy doesn’t use nice words to get bed stores and customers to buy their product, the only words they can use to describe their product are nice ones.

Firm Isn’t Always Better

Firm mattresses work for some and don’t for others. With this, there is a difference between stone hard and firmness which offers support while also allowing you to feel as if you are on a bed that you can sleep in.

Bed stores should look to Sealy in terms of the range of different types of beds they provide, all designed to fit the needs of the consumer, as the consumer will be using the final product.

Everyone Needs A Different Pillow

Pillows are just as important as mattresses as the combination of both will give individuals the best sleep possible.

Bed stores will be able to sell Sealy mattresses and pillows which have both been focused on, innovated and designed to fit the purposes of every single person.

These products are made to last long and not wither in a short period of time.

The benefit is that alongside your mattress, your pillow is also made to last years rather than months.

A Good Day Starts In Bed

Waking up after not having slept well, either by constantly waking up during the night or feeling uncomfortable in your bed, will leave you sluggish and moody in the morning.

However, your mood is not the only thing that is affected when you do not get the proper amount of sleep.

Bed stores across the nation will be able to express how a good night’s sleep will help their clients.

There are four benefits to getting adequate sleep namely, brain sharpness, boosting your mood, the health of your heart and improving your energy.

Brain Sharpness

Having a low amount of sleep will negatively influence the way in which you process information, as your brain will not have the energy to work as fast as usual.

A proper mattress helps in this, where better sleeping patterns allow your brain to be able to learn more and hold onto more memory during the day.

Bed stores need to highlight this factor as sleep is not just to rest the body and mind, but it prepares it for the incoming day ahead.

Boosting Your Mood

Deep sleep allows time for your emotions to be processed and is important for all of the stresses of the day to be decompressed.

This period of sleep is actually a huge benefit as it influences the way you tackle the next day. A lack of sleep can increase the chance of mood swings and irrational thoughts and behaviour.

The best thing for bed store owners and employees to do is to ask their client if they have a bad sleep pattern, as this will allow them to offer mattresses, such as the quality ones from Sealy.

This benefits both parties as the whole goal should be to get people sleeping the right amount of hours so their days can be the best it can be.

The Health Of Your Heart

Ensuring that you are getting an adequate amount of sleep for your body will help in lowering your blood pressure and decreasing the chances of any heart-related diseases.

Giving your heart a break, meaning that it doesn’t have to work at full gear for longer than needed, will give it some downtime, like dealing with your emotions, which will improve your heart’s health.

Providing your heart with this rest will have amazing results when you wake up, another reason bed stores should be promoting high-quality mattresses.

Improving Your Energy

As a bed store owner, buying mattresses such as Sealy, will help their consumers to achieve their athletic goals as a good mattress, combined with good sleep, will give more energy.

The better energy a person has the better output of the energy they can give, meaning that their gym time will be used to the highest degree, getting them closer to their goals.

More energy is better as running on half a tank anywhere, be it in the office, at home or during physical activity will also decrease the chances of any injuries being sustained.

Contact Sealy Sleep Centre For More Information

Sealy Sleep Centre provides businesses and consumers with the highest quality mattresses and pillows, with the focus on ensuring that everyone is able to get the most out of their mattress. It all starts with a good night’s rest. Contact Sealy Sleep Centre for more information.

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