Imagining a Life Without Sleep

Imagining a Life Without Sleep

During the 30’s, a prominent Spanish Surrealist painter named Salvador Dali came up for himself, with a new way to glean inspiration from his own psyche. As legends have it, the renowned artist would sit for hours, sometimes days, alone in a chair with a metal spoon in his hand. He would do this for hours, depriving himself of sleep, waiting until the spoon would drop as he drifted off, shaking him back into the waking world. As time went by, this would eventually have a strange impact on his mental state. His vision would begin to warp, he would experience auditory and visual hallucinations; which he would eventually structure together and place on a canvas to create some of the most imaginative, original and slightly unnerving artworks known throughout history.

While most of us have never put ourselves through the paces that Dali did, we have all had a brush with sleep deprivation at one point or another. But what happens if we take it a little further, even past Dali’s own breaking point? What would happen if we went for an extended period of time without getting our much-needed forty-winks?

The First Two Days without Sleep

The initial effects of sleep deprivation are comparatively mild to how they progress as time goes on. You may face some mild lapses in concentration, a general degradation in hand-eye coordination. The immune system will also be mildly weakened, leading to a feeling of being generally run-down. Eating habits and cravings for junk food often go hand-in-hand with a lack of sleep; though for the most part, if you get to rest in good time, these effects are reversible and not all that dangerous beyond being a minor inconvenience. So let’s skip two days ahead, where the affects begin to get more interesting and debilitating.

Following the Second Day

By the third day without sleep, you will have a very hard time staying conscious and may suffer from small bouts of sleep; sort of uncontrolled naps, if you will. At this stage you will be over-tired to the point where you may struggle to sleep even if you try. Though perhaps the most alarming of these symptoms, are the auditory and visual hallucinations you will likely start to experience. Though at this point you will still (probably) have the cognitive capacity to be able to deal with these. Though you will feel even more drained, foul-tempered, emotionally unstable and will have even more trouble concentrating when you aren’t drifting off without warning.

The Fourth Day and Onward (Though Definitely not Upward)

By the fourth day, the extreme effects of sleep deprivation being to show in a big way. You will have virtually no control over your emotions and your ability to remain conscious. Massive patches of time will go by in the blink of an eye and your immune system becomes weakened to the point where it is mostly dangerous. You will experience a sharp increase in blood pressure which will raise your risk of a heart attack significantly, while inconsistencies in your metabolism and digestive system could also increase your risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. In short, completely depriving yourself of sleep will likely eventually kill you.

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