How to have less nightmares

How to have less nightmares

Nightmares are truly terrifying. Our bodies do not distinguish between what we are dreaming and what is real and so waking after a nightmare can leave us with our heart racing and our bed sheets wet with sweat. A few of us may even be prone to a throwing a few punches or kicks (whilst fast asleep) in an attempt to defend ourselves during those particularly vivid zombie nightmares…

Whilst there is not much you can do once the nightmare has started, there are a few things you can do to decrease the frequency of your nightmares-

  1. Avoid upsetting content– What you see or hear just before bed can be critical. If you are sensitive viewer, then you may need to avoid the evening news or heated discussions just before bed. For example, choose some happy reading material such as a romance novel over a crime thriller…
  1. Write down you worries– Do not allow yourself to mull over stressful decisions just before you sleep. Write down any pressing concerns that keep intruding as you try to go to sleep. Keep a notebook next to your bed and deal with these in the morning.
  1. Avoid going to bed very late– Overtiredness can be a trigger for some individuals who are prone to nightmares. Try your best to get into bed each evening at a reasonable hour to help prepare your body for sleep.

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